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Mythical Bergslagen

Lesjöfors is located slightly off the beaten track, and it is the ideal place for meeting people, exciting experiences and global business.

Lesjöfors is situated in mythical Bergslagen and is surrounded by forests, lakes, mountains and wildlife. Hunting and fishing have been an important and natural part of life here from time immemorial.

The inland railway at Rämmen

Where to find us

With a history dating back more than 350 years, Lesjöfors is an example of a classic Swedish single-industry town. The ironworks were actually owned by three families: Pihl-Mullberg, Ekman and De Geer. It was the most dynamic of the owners, Gustaf Ekman, who in the first half of the 19th century converted the hammer mill into a steelworks. He was also responsible for expanding operations to include finished and semi-finished products, e.g. files and steel wire.

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From harrow tines to components for ski bindings

Opens doors

Excellent strength combined with good machinability is important when manufacturing garage door springs, for example. Behind every good door spring is an equally good wire supplier.

Good night, sweet dreams

Some things have to stand the test of time. Bedding and seating wire from Springwire is used in products such as sprung mattresses and can withstand everyday use.

Good fishing

It’s not just luck and skill that ensure a successful fishing trip, a lot depends on the hook you use too. Springwire also manufactures wire for fish hooks.